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Discover Presta Hero's free module list. They are all high quality Prestashop modules but are completely FREE! We also keep these free modules up-to-date with continuous improvements to make sure they work well with all Prestashop versions (old versions Prestashop 1.4, 1.5, 1.6) and latest version (Prestashop 1.7)

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Product image rollover free module for Prestashop

Product image rollover free module for Prestashop

This module provides a product rollover effect for your store so that when a person hovers their mouse pointer over a product, several changes occur; the product image changes and also displays product details like the product price and also additional buttons to display more details about the product. Since this image rollover effect is not found in Prestashop by default, having a Prestashop image rollover module to obtain the feature is essential.

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Nivo slider – Prestashop slider free module

Nivo slider. Prestashop slider free module

This Nivo slider module for Prestashop is a renowned slider that is being used in thousands of websites around the world. It’s a jQuery slider that comes with a large number of features essential for a good website slider. Since Prestashop doesn’t support the integration of Nivo slider by default, having a separate module for the purpose is essential. Even though there are a large number of Prestashop Nivo slider modules in the market, our module is unique with the integration of caption animation feature.

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GEO country – Location detection free module for Prestashop

GEO country. Location detection free module for Prestashop

  • Our module GEO Country is a module that can detect the location and set other location dependent values for the customer.
  • Once the location of the customer is detected, the module will set country, language & currency, the first time they land on your site. Taxes, shipping cost & other relevant information will also be shown correctly for the customers depending on their location without showing the default values of Prestashop.
  • The GEO Country module also helps you install the GeoIP feature (Geolocation by IP) for Prestashop easily.


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Hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically – Free Prestashop module

Hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically. Free Prestashop module

Is your Prestashop store running successfully, giving you a desirable income? Having good sales in your business is great news. But have you handled all the problems that occur in your website that can drop your sales percentage little by little. A common problem is back orders, it happens when a customer buys out of stock products on your website. Our Product status update is a free Prestashop module that helps you to hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically.

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Prestashop Migrator Free Version- upgrade Prestashop to latest version

Prestashop Migrator Free Version. upgrade Prestashop to latest version

  • Migrate or upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 (or from older versions to Prestashop 1.7) in a few clicks
  • Transfer and migrate data between Prestashop stores
  • Necessary data types migration (products, categories and customers)
  • Export/Import part of website data
  • Help you to generate backup data
  • Keep your customer and staff passwords
  • Simple usage and safety ensured
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LIVE CHAT module for Prestashop – Free version

LIVE CHAT module for Prestashop. Free version

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface Prestashop chat free module
  • Good performance, allows you to chat with more than 100 customers stably at the same time with minimum server resource
  • Custom text and avatar
  • Support clean-up chat database
  • Support Prestashop multi-store mode & multi-language
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